Historia Reciente y Memoria

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association


Informe Sección Historia Reciente y Memoria

Alejandro Cerda y Aldo Marchesi

The Section meeting was held on Tuesday, May 22. Between 20 and 22 people attended. First, a vote was held to ratify Aldo Marchesi (Universidad de la República) and Alejandro Cerda Garcia (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco) as co-presidents of the Section for a further year (2014–2015). It was also suggested that Juan Hernández (University of Puerto Rico, Rios Piedras) serve as Section secretary, replacing Samantha Quadrat (Universidad Federal Fluminense). Both proposals were endorsed unanimously by those present.

The award ceremony for the Best Book about Recent History and Memory was held during the meeting. The award received 12 nominations. The jury consisted of Hillary Hiner, Juan Hernández, and Américo Freire. First place was awarded to Steve J. Stern for Luchando por mentes y corazones: Las batallas de la memoria en el Chile de Pinochet; second place went to Alberto del Castillo Troncoso for Ensayo sobre el movimiento estudiantil de 1968: La fotografía y la construcción de un imaginario; and Honorable Mention Young Investigator went to Eden Medina for Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende's Chile.

The Section will sponsor a workshop titled "Human Rights: Critical Insights from Gender, Class and Ethnicity" at the LASA2015 Congress. The sponsored panel will have as a preliminary subject "Emerging Debates in the Field of Memory: Conflicts and Social Movements."

In September 2014 the call for the Best Article about Recent History and Memory will be announced and will call for the carrying out of a virtual discussion forum in which the members of the Section and other members of LASA will be invited to participate, starting from an agreement with the Red Interdisciplinaria de Estudios sobre Memoria Social (RIEMS, Argentina/Chile).