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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Integrating Sustainability and Global Engagement

Widener University is hosting its third annual symposium on "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Integrating Sustainability and Global Engagement", January 8-12, 2020. Faculty in all disciplines are welcome to submit a proposal to come to Costa Rica and work intensively for three days with an interdisciplinary group in a beautiful setting.

  • Dates: January 8-12, 2020
  • Location: San Pedro de Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica (CARES21 – see below)
  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: October 7, 2019. Please submit queries and proposals of up to 250 words to: burraca@widener.edu
  • Coordinators: Stephen R. Madigosky, Professor & Chair of Environmental Science, & Beatriz Urraca, Professor of Spanish and Director of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies
  • More information: www.cares21.org
  • Limit: 16 participants.

The symposium will include brief (up to 15 minutes) structured presentations, workshops, and local site visits. Costs: $499.00. Costs include meals and accommodations during the symposium, transportation to and from the airport and all site visits, dinner on January 8th and breakfast on January 12th. Airfare is not included. Deposits are non-refundable. Topics of Interest: We invite individual or small team proposals that touch on topics including but not limited to those on the list below.

❖ SustainabledevelopmentinCostaRicaandLatinAmerica

❖ Integratingservicelearning&sustainability

❖ Engagingstudentsinsolvingrealworldproblems

❖ Employinghigh-impactpracticesinshort-termstudyabroad

❖ Socialjusticeandtheenvironment

❖ Sustainableagriculture

❖ Local initiatives with global impact

❖ Engagingmultidisciplinaryfacultyandadministratorsin creating unique opportunities for students

❖ Exploringbiodiversityresourcesforeducational purposes

❖ STEAM initiatives, curriculum development, and study abroad

❖ Developing intercultural competence

❖ Gender and the environment

CARES21 (Consortium for Agro-Ecological Research and Education in Sustainability in the 21st Century) is an initiative of Widener University that is committed to all three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social. Our goals are to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research and curriculum development initiatives that advance global sustainability and sustainability education. The CARES21 property is located near the San Jose International airport and accommodates visitors in shared bedrooms with shared baths. It offers panoramic valley views from the volcano and delicious local cuisine.

For more information, please contact:

Beatriz Urraca, PhD

Chair, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Professor of Spanish

Widener University

p: 610-499-1112 ; burraca@widener.edu

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