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Book Publications 2023 - Libros publicados en 2023

Castro, A., ed. (2023) Futuros multiespecie: prácticas vinculantes para un planeta en emergencia. Bartlebooth.

Gamboa Balbín, C. L. (2023) El derecho ambiental peruano y su adecuación al Acuerdo de Escazú los principios del buen gobierno. Lima: DAR; INTE-PUCP.

Gómez Menjívar, J.C. (2023) Black in Print: Plotting the Coordinates of Blackness in Central America. Albany: SUNY Press.

Heffes, G. (2023) Visualizing Loss in Latin America: Biopolitics, Waste, and the Urban Environment. Translated by Grady C. Wray. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.

McCulligh, C. (2023) Sewer of Progress: Corporations, Institutionalized Corruption, and the Struggle for the Santiago River. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Nations, J. D. (2023) Lacandón Maya in the Twenty-First Century: Indigenous Knowledge and Conservation in Mexico’s Tropical Rainforest. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

Sá Carvalho, C. (2023) Traces of the Unseen: Photography, Violence, and Modernization in Early Twentieth Century Latin America. Evanston: Northwestern University Press.

Book Publications 2022 - Libros publicados en 2022

Barandiarán, J., Belemmi, V., Burdiles, G., Ezio Costa, E. (2022) Derechos de la Naturaleza en Chile: Argumentos para su desarrollo constitucional. Santiago: Ocho Libros.

Hines, S.T. (2022) Water for All: Community, Property, and Revolution in Modern Bolivia. Oakland: University of California Press.

Jaskoski, M. (2022) The Politics of Extraction: Territorial Rights, Participatory Institutions, and Conflict in Latin America. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Klein, P.T. (2022) Flooded: Development, Democracy, and Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

Leguizamón, A. (2022) Las semillas del poder. Injusticia ambiental en la Argentina sojera. Translated by Gerardo Losada. San Martín: UNSAM Edita.

Winchell, M. (2022) After Servitude: Elusive Property and the Ethics of Kinship in Bolivia. Oakland: University of California Press.

Article Publications 2021-12. Publicaciones de artículos especializados 2021-22.

Silva-Muller, Livio. “Payment for ecosystem services and the practices of environmental fieldworkers in policy implementation: The case of Bolsa Floresta in the Brazilian Amazon.” Land Use Policy, 120 (2022) 106251
Azenha, Gustavo S. “A Political Ecology of Fetishism in Brazil’s “Discovery Coast”: Crisis, Socioenvironmental Hybridization, and Historical Amnesia in the Frontiers of Global Liberalism.” Global Power and Local Struggles in Developing Countries. Contemporary Perspectives On: Europe and the People without History, by Eric R. Wolf. Paul Stacey (ed.). Brill, 2022.
Annick Benavides. “Spiritual Mining: Augustinian Images of Extraction in Colonial Peru,” The Art Bulletin, 104:4, 46-69, (2022) ADOI: 10.1080/00043079.2022.2070393
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Vieira, Patricia. “Movies on the Move Filming the Amazon Rainforest.” PushingPast the Human un Latin American Cinema, Carolyn Fornoff and Gisela Heffes eds. SUNY UP 2021.
McKay, Micah. "On the Nature of the Border: Trash Thresholds in Luis Alberto Urrea's by the Lake of Sleeping Children."  Latin American Literary Review, vol. 48, no. 96, 2021, pp. 13-21

Publications from our Members 2020-2022- Publicaciones de integrantes de nuestra sección 2020-2022.

Jaskoski, M. (2022). The Politics of Extraction: Territorial Rights, Participatory Institutions, and Conflict in Latin America. Oxford University PressWinchell, M. (2022). After servitude: Elusive property and the ethics of kinship in Bolivia. University of California Press.

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Etchart, L. (2022). Global Governance of the Environment, the Rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples: Extractive Industries in the Ecuadorian Amazon. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-81519-6

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Fornoff C. and Heffes G., eds. (2021).  Pushing Past the Human in Latin American Cinema, SUNY Press.

May, P. and Ozinga, S. (2021). A Deforestation and Rights Observatory: a case study from Brazil; How the European Union can best integrate deforestation and rights violations data in its regulatory proposals. Brussels: FERN. Available: https://www.fern.org/fileadmin/uploads/fern/Documents/2021/EU_Observatory_-_case_study_from_Brazil.pdf

May, P. and Ozinga, S. (2021). "What can the EU Forest and Rights Observatory learn from Brazil?" (Summary Report of A deforestation and rights observatory: a case study from Brazil). Brussels: FERN. Available: https://www.fern.org/fileadmin/uploads/fern/Documents/2021/EU_Observatory_-_Brazil_-_Summary_report.pdf

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