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LASA will host its next annual congress (on-site and virtual) in Vancouver, Canada, on May 26 -29, 2021. Accordingly, please note that the deadline to submit proposals for our two section-sponsored panels is Sunday, August 23, 2020. Panels may include up to 5 presenters, one chair, and one discussant, and organizers are encouraged to propose panels that cross disciplinary boundaries and include a good cross-section of the membership.

Please note that only current members are eligible to submit panels and paper proposals or to apply for LASA travel funds so please make sure you renew your membership to both LASA AND the Economics & Politics Section.

Your support sustains the activity of the section and guarantees our participation in LASA's annual congress. This is the ideal time to encourage friends, colleagues, and students to join our section!

This year, our section will also co-sponsor an intersectional panel together with the Culture, Power, and Politics section dedicated to the theme "Pink Tides, Right Turns: towards a new authoritarian state?". Please review the following panel abstract and submit paper proposals directly to us by the August 23 deadline.

Organizers: Manuel Larrabure, Charmain Levy

Pink Tides, Right Turns: towards a new authoritarian state?

The decline of the pink tide, the left, and center-left governments that had become hegemonic in the region (1998-2016), has made way for the rise of a new right-wing. This political shift coincides with worsening economic fortunes triggered by the end of the commodities boom, and a sharp rise in social contestation, led by diverse popular sectors and communities. This new reality, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has raised a number of questions: what are the causes of the political failure of pink tide governments? What are the characteristics of the new right? How are social movements articulating themselves in this moment of uncertainty? This panel sheds light on these questions while focusing on the key themes of democracy, authoritarianism, and crisis. It also attempts to theorize the current phase in Latin American development as the beginning of a new authoritarian state.

Please send all panel proposals directly to both of us by Sunday, August 23, 2020 - thank you!

Joseph C. Marques, Secretary/Treasurer

Fabricio Chagas-Bastos, Chair

Panel proposals (and individual papers) not selected by the Executive Committee of the Economics & Politics Section sponsorship can otherwise be submitted directly to the program tracks collectively or as separate papers by the LASA deadline of September 7, 2020. This is also the deadline to apply for LASA Travel Grants for members who plan to present a paper in Vancouver. Please note that the Economics & Politics section will also offer two travel grants (for graduate students, independent scholars, and adjunct faculty presenting papers) with a later deadline but we recommend that you apply, nonetheless, to the larger LASA pool of travel grants.

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