Libraries, Archives and Research

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Section Anual report 2019

By Jade Madrid

Business Meeting Saturday 5/25, 5:45pm - 7:15pm 9 attendees

1. Updates

  • Future LASA congresses will not be hold in the US
  • There’s a new news section on the LASA website - the section could post something of interest to the group. Posts need to be in the four official languages of LASA, and translation needs to be paid for and/or quality control needs to be paid for
  • Newly elected leadership council: Section Chair: Albert A. Palacios; Secretary-treasurer: Paul Losch; Council members: Jade Madrid, Tracy North, Michael Scott, Gayle Williams
  • Section balance: $2,375.70
  • Membership: 51 members

2. Moving forward

  • Potential section scholarship (Tracy North)

3. Panel planning and brainstorming for LASA 2020 section panel

  • Latin American librarian faculty duos
  • Sustainability - projects that went well/continued (in Mexico?)
  • U.S. based collaborations with communities and/or special collections

4. Opportunity for an intersectional panel

  • With the student section
  • Human rights section, i.e. dLoc and the Caribbean
  • Otros saberes- collections, ethics and information

5. Discuss future outreach efforts

  • Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros will work on a news story for the fall or early Spring
  • Pre-conference (DH? Or alternative careers?)

6. LASA 2020

Améfrica Ladina: vinculando mundos y saberes, tejiendo esperanzas

May 13 – 16, 2020

XXXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association Guadalajara, México