Nineteenth Century

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Section Annual Report 2019

LASA Nineteenth Century Section Report


Report prepared by Sections Co-chairs: Ana Peluffo (UC Davis) and Mayra Bottaro (U Oregon).

Information taken from Powerpoint presentation.

The Nineteenth Century Section held its business meeting at this year’s Congress with twenty five members in attendance at the SB Beacon D, Sheraton Hotel, Boston, Massachussetts, on Sunday, May 26th 2019, from 5:45-7:15pm. The business meeting was conducted in English by both co-chairs Ana Peluffo and Mayra Bottaro. Two members of the Advisory Board were present: Sarah Moody (U Alabama) and Secretary of Treasury, Ty West (Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame).

Order of business:

• Introduction of new Board and report of election outcomes:


• Ana Sabau, PhD. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

• Mayra Bottaro, PhD. University of Oregon


• Ty West, PhD. Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame

• Corinna Zeltsman, PhD. Georgia Southern University

Board members:

• Carlos Abreu Mendoza, PhD. Texas State

t• Brendan Lanctot, PhD. Puget Sound

• Susan Hallstead, PhD. Colorado, Boulder

• Felipe Martínez Pinzón, PhD. Brown U

• Carolina Alzate, PhD. Universidad de los Andes

Discussion of ideas to increase Section Membership:

102 members by March report.

Discussion about Section Sponsored sessions, attendance, and procedure to select topics and presenters:

Sponsored Panel: “Otros héroes 1: Escritoras y heroísmo al final del siglo diecinueve”. Organizer: Vanesa Miseres (Notre Dame University)

Sponsored Roundtable: “Thinking the Nineteenth Century: New Critical Interventions” [Graciela Montaldo; Linda del Castillo; Joseph Pierce; Francesca Denegri]

Discussion regarding success of Roundtable on “Thinking the 19th century: New Critical Interventions”. Proposal to sponsor two Roundtables for LASA 2020. 

• Discussions about Social Media outreach:

1). Contniuous increase in Facebook Membership (478 members).

2). Plan to update LASA Section webpage and Twitter account.

• Discussion of introduction of future Newsletter.

• Awards Presentations:

1. Introduction of Members of the Jury:

  • Best Dissertation in the Nineteenth Century-2019: Felipe Martínez-Pinzón; Corinna Seltzman; Alejandra Uslenghi
  • Best Article in the Nineteenth Century-2019: Jeffrey Cedeño; Rodrigo Caresani; Leila Gómez
  • Best Book in the Nineteenth Century-2019: Claudia Román; Jossiana Arroyo; Juan Pablo Dabove

2. Certificate of Awards and presentation of excerpts by the Jury:

Best Dissertation in the Nineteenth Century-2018: PRIZE: $100

First Prize: María Cecilia Ulrickson, “Esclavos que fueron in Santo Domingo, 1768-1844”. 2018. University of Notre Dame.

Honorable Mention: M. Candela Marini, War, Photography, and Visual Citizens: Territorial and Visual Expansion in the Construction of Chile and Argentina (1860-1880s). Duke University.

Best Article in the Nineteenth Century-2018: PRIZE: $100

First Prize: Adriana Chira, "Affective Debts: Manumission by Grace and the Making of Gradual Emancipation Laws in Cuba, 1817–68," Law and History Review 36.1 (Winter 2018): 1-33. Emory University.

Honorable Mention: Sandra M. Szir, “El fabricante de imágenes César Hipólito Bacle y el establecimiento de la litografía en Buenos Aires (1828- 1838)”, en Fabio Ares (comp.), En torno a la Imprenta de Buenos Aires (1780-1940), Buenos Aires, Dirección General Patrimonio, Museos y Casco Histórico, 2018, pp. 105-134.

Best Book in the Nineteenth Century-2018: PRIZE: $100

First Prize: Michel Gobat. Empire by Invitation: William Walker and Manifest Destiny in Central America. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2018. 

Honorable Mention: Yuko Miki. Frontiers of Citizenship: A Black and Indigenous History of Postcolonial Brazil. Cambridge, Massachussetts: Cambridge UP, 2018.

Presentation of financial Report 2018-2019 prepared by Secretary of Treasury, Ty West. Balance for 2019-2020: $964.32.

Discussion of NEW initiative: Announcement of two Travel Scholarships for LASA 2020.

Presentation of proposals for 2020 by Mayra Bottaro: recording of Section Roundtables on youtube channel; creation of a youtube channel for the section; introduction of section for syllabi compilation in the Section’s portal; introduction of a new Section Newsletter (conferences, publications by section members; access to archival repositories; digital collections); Name Change for the Section Prizes and call for suggestions and votes; plan for a Section Calendar of Events for LASA 2020; announcement of potential working groups; announcement of special dossier (Journal REH); announcement of edited collection: Cambridge Transitions and Routledge.

Open discussion and questions.