Culture, Power and Politics

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association


The Culture, Power and Politics Section promotes the study of cultural politics and of culture in/of relations of power in a broad sense as well as of the politics and power of/in culture. It is a space for the exchange and debate between different positions, as well as for the development of collaborative relations among its members.

This dialogue, debate, and collaboration should be enhanced through an examination of the epistemological, political, and theoretical differences existing between some of our perspectives as: cultural studies, subaltern studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, political economy, politology, political/cultural sociology, social/political/cultural anthropology, literary studies, communication and media studies, and history, among others.

The proposal for the creation of the Section was approved by the Executive Committee of LASA and the Section came into formal existence in 1997. It was originally sponsored by Daniel Mato, with the support of 49 registered members.