Central America

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association


Central America

By: Silke Heumann, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague (chair)

Joanna Beltran, City University of New York (student representative)

Tiffany Creegan Miller (TCM), Clemson University (secretary)

1. Business Meeting

We discussed:

  • What was done last year and ideas for next year
  • Barriers to participation in LASA: costs and visa
  • Nominations 2019-2020 CAS-LASA Board
  • Travel grants • Public statements from LASA on political situation in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala

2. Review of the term activities and plans for the coming term.

  • Developed call for papers for section-sponsored panels in line with the conference theme “Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion” (SH). Reviewed and selected two paper panels and one roundtable (SH,JB&TCM).
  • Developed call for applications for travel grants (SH).Reviewed and selected three LASA travel grants, of U$ 500 each (SH&JB):

(1) Indyra Mendoza Aguilar and

(2) Kali Nahil Zerón Flores: lesbian feminist collective CATTRACHAS from Honduras for the panel “América Transgenerx”, on violence against the trans, travesti and trans Latinx population.

A third grantee contributing to a panel on political situation in Nicaragua; had to cancel last minute.

  • Developed the call for the section-sponsored panels in line with the conference theme “Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion”. Reviewed and accepted two paper panels and one roundtable.
  • Created and maintained a Google and Instagram account @CentralAmericaSectionLASA to increase visibility (JB).
  • With support of LASA, created fund raising possibility for CAS LASA via LASA website
  • Raised discussion on barriers to participation in LASA during the Section Chair Meeting (SH)
  • Reached consensus and sent open letter on Nicaragua to EC for approval and publication

Incoming board members will develop next year’s priorities, building on these current discussions

3. Elections

Nominees recruited via email and during our business meeting; elections to be conducted online with the assistance of LASA.

4. Financial Report:

Total: U$ 2,350.70

Spent: U$ 1,000.00

Left: U$ 1,350.70

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