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Extending the deadline for nominations

Jan 26, 2023

Dear Fellow LAPIS Members,

We are extending the deadline for nominations for the 2022 Political Institutions Section Donna Lee Van Cott Book Award. The new deadline is Thursday, February 2nd.

This award will be given to the best book on Latin American political institutions published in 2022.

Only section members can nominate or self-nominate books for this award (so if you haven’t yet renewed your membership to LAPIS, this is the time to do it!).

Note that the book award should be limited to "full-length monographs" (one or several people are the sole or co-authors of the entire book). Edited volumes are not eligible for the award.

The nominations must be submitted via email to the members of the book award committee (see below).

A copy of the nominated book must also be mailed/couriered to each of three committee members to the addresses below, or made available via online access (if the Committee member prefers).

The new deadline to submit nominations is Thursday, February 2nd. (Nominations or books received after that date will not be considered for the award.)

The award will be announced before the 2023 LASA Congress.

To be considered for the award please send the book nomination, including title, author, and a brief description, to the following email addresses:

Guillermo Trejo: gtrejo@nd.edu

Virginia Oliveros: volivero@tulane.edu Yanilda González: yanilda_gonzalez@hks.harvard.edu (For book submissions, Professor González prefers physical copies)

Please have the book sent via mail to the following addresses:

  • Yanilda Gonzalez

Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation 124 Mt. Auburn Street Suite 200 Cambridge MA 02138

  • Virginia Oliveros

Political Science Department Tulane University 6823 St. Charles Avenue Norman Mayer Building, Room 311 New Orleans, LA 70118

  • Guillermo Trejo

Political Science Department 312 Hesburgh Center Notre Dame, IN 46556

All the best,

Rodrigo Barrenechea

Profesor Asistente Departamento de Ciencias Sociales Universidad Católica del Uruguay Tel. +598 24872717 int. 6412 Avda. 8 de Octubre 2738 CP 11600 Montevideo, Uruguay.