Otros Saberes

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Section Annual Report 2019

LASA Otros Saberes Section 2019 Annual Report

  • The Otros Saberes business meeting at LASA 2019 was attended by 29 people. Topics discussed and conclusions included:

1. Vision/misión de la sección

2. Presentaciones de todos presentes

3. Informe Financiero (~$13,000 ingresos y ~$6500 egresos) y de Membresia (137 personas, pero no parece estar actualizada la lista que nos dió LASA)

4. Mecanismos de comunicación de la sección

5. Informe sobre el Pre-Congreso 2019

6. Mesas invitadas 2019

7. Lluvia de ideas para 2020 Formar comité organizador para Pre-Congreso 2020

8. Otras posibiles ideas para la seccion

9. Presentacion de nuevos consejeros

  • The results of the Section’s elections, including the names, position, email, affiliation, and term, along with the officers who continue:

1. Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo, Co-Chair, CIESAS-Mexico, 2019-2021

2. Sandra J. Gutiérrez, Consejerx, University of Minnesota, Morris, 2019-2021

3. Rocío del Pilar Moreno Badajoz, Consejerx, Universidad de Guadalajara, 2019-2021

4. Angela Stuesse, Co-Chair, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2018-2020

5. Adam Coon, Secretary, University of Minnesota, Morris, 2018-2020

6. Vasun Jairath, Consejerx, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2018-2020

  • A review of the activities and plans for the coming term.

In 2019-2020 the section will plan our third pre-conference for Guadalajara 2020. We are discussing possibilities for maintaining engagement of our membership throughout the year. We will plan LASA 2020 invited sessions in August-September 2019, and we will hold council elections in March-May 2020.

  • The names of the Section’s grantees. The names of the selection committee members and a description of the selection process:

The section granted no awards in 2019.