Latinx Studies

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association


The Latinx Studies Section is open to all LASA members and anyone interested in promoting research, teaching and advocacy on U.S. Latinx communities and their trans-national connections to their countries of origin. Established in 1997, The Latinx Studies Section of LASA formalized the academic study of the interactions of various Latin American populations in the United States. Rather than focusing on the experience of a single Latinx national constituency, the section promotes the exchange of ideas regarding the interaction among Latinx groups as well as their relationships with the U.S. Through our work we hope to foster a continuing dialogue regarding the relationships between Latinx Studies and Latin American Studies.

Through this site, the Latina/o Studies Sections aims to provide section members useful information about Latina/o communities in the hemisphere, and the impact of their economic, political and socio-cultural activities on the development of the nations of the Americas. Additionally, we look forward to using this site as a central resource for providing section updates, job calls, as well as award and panel information. Please feel free to send us any relevant information to contribute toward the building of bridges throughout the hemisphere.