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MA and PhD programs

Mar 11, 2019

Dear LASA members

I am writing to ask that you send us your well-qualified applicants for our MA and PhD programs. After reviewing our first round of applications, we anticipate still having 2-3 funded PhD lines and 2-3 funded MA lines available for Fall 2019! As you will see from our attached materials, we have been placing our PhD students in tenure-tracks and our MA students in excellent PhD programs (including our own). Having designed our PhD program only 10 years ago, we have some innovative qualities (ie, a portfolio of competencies, rather than traditional qualifying exams; joint epistemology/theory/method core coursework; and an award-winning teacher training program). With a much more longstanding MA program, we’ve been training successful graduate students for a long time.

(Feel free to write a note about whether you are looking for PhD or MA students now. Or if you are already happy with your load of students, encourage them to send students from a range of subfields in sociology. Or just delete this sentence.)

Please circulate our materials widely among your colleagues and to your graduating seniors and graduating MA students. We appreciate your help. We will be accepting applications until the lines are filled. Feel free to email questions to Dr. Sara Crawley, Graduate Director, at scrawley@usf.eduor Dr. Emelda Curry, Graduate Coordinator, at .

Thanks, Sara L. Crawley,

PhD Associate Professor and Graduate Director

Department of Sociology University of South Florida

4202 E. Fowler Ave, CPR 107 Tampa, FL 33620 813-974-0977