Asia and the Americas

A Section of the Latin American Studies Association


The LASA Section for Asia and the Americas promotes the study of interactions and comparisons between these two regions. The long history of exchange between Asia and the Americas dates back to the sixteenth-century Manila Galleon and the nineteenth-century large-scale migrations of Asian laborers and traders to Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, China is among the top three trading partners of most countries in the region, and increasing its socioeconomic presence rapidly. India, Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries are following closely behind. Resulting encounters, spanning trade, investment, technology transfer, development forums, immigration, and cross-cultural exchange, are re-shaping Latin American economic and social realities. Regional policymakers and businesspeople look across the Pacific with a blend of intrigue, competitive anxiety, and interest in learning from Asia’s economic success. Co-Chaired by Ariel González Levaggi (Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina) and Paz Milet (Universidad de Chile), the Section facilitates debate on these themes, coordinates panels, hosts workshops, and ensures that critical engagement with Asia figures prominently into the study of Latin America.