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Brazil Section's Awards 2018

Jun 12, 2018

Best Book Awards (2017-2018)

Social Sciences Award Winner:

Sean T. Mitchell, Constellations of Inequality: Space, Race, and Utopia in Brazil (University of Chicago Press).

Humanities Award Winner: Eve Buckley, Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in 20th Century Brazil (University of North Carolina Press).

Humanities Honorable Mention:

Patricia Acerbi, Street Occupations: Urban Vending in Rio de Janeiro, 1850-1925 (University of Texas Press).

Best Article Awards (2017-2018)

Social Sciences Award Winner:

Letícia J. Marteleto, Luiz Gama, Molly Dondero and Letisha Brown. “The Weight of Inequality: Socio-Economic Status and the Intergenerational Transmission of Child Nutrition in Brazil.” Social Forces.

Social Sciences Honorable Mentions:

Katherine C. Jensen. “The epistemic logic of asylum screening: (dis)embodiment and the production of asylum knowledge in Brazil.” Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Jan Hoffman French. “Repensando a Violência Policial no Brasil: Desmascarando o Segredo Público da Raça.” Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia Universidade Federal de Sergipe.

Humanities Award Winner:

Courtney Campbell. “Four Fishermen, Orson Welles, and the Making of the Brazilian Northeast.” Past & Present.

Humanities Honorable Mentions: 

Cassia Roth. “Policing Pregnancy: Reproduction, Poverty, and the Law in Early Twentieth- Century Brazil.” Journal of Women's History.

Eli Lee Carter. “Silence Behind the ‘Talk of Crime’: Representations of Violence in a Sample of Contemporary Brazilian Films and Television Series.” A Contra corriente: Una revista de estudios latinoamericanos.

Best Doctoral Dissertation Awards (2017-2018)

Social Sciences Award Winner: Laurie Denyer Willis. “The Salvific Sensorium: Pentecostal Life in Rio de Janeiro’s Subúrbios.” McGill University.

Social Sciences Honorable Mention:

Juan P. Marsiaj. “Unpacking Social Movements’ Democratizing Impact: The Case of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Travesti Movement in Brazil.” University of Toronto.

Humanities Award Winner: Jacob Blanc. “The Price of Peace: Itaipú and the Meanings of Land and Opposition in Brazil, 1957-1984.” University of Wisconsin-Madison.